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Pink Floyd »The Dark Side Of The Moon« on Dual. Tim M. – Bullerei, Hamburg


Around 2008, Kai Schaefer began this powerful and personal photography project to pair classic albums and turntables.

Based on “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time” by Rolling Stone Magazine, Kai Schaefer pays tribute to musical artists like Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, New Order, AC/DC, The Clash, The Beatles and The Sex Pistols. Below are a few of my favourites – be sure to follow the links at the bottom of the page to see more.

Schaefer_Ariston_New_Order Schaefer_Braun_MilesDavis Schaefer_Braun_NeilYoung Schaefer_Thorens_VelvetUnderground

At its essence, the project seeks to pair classic rock records with turntables produced in the same year. Schaefer explained his project and ideas in Wired Magazine:

“What I tried to do was create a time machine,” he says.
The first album he photographed when he started the project five years ago was Led Zeppelin’s IV, which he says was his favorite album from when he was a teenager and just getting into music, and girls. Since then he’s photographed over a hundred albums on 25 or so different turntables and is constantly expanding the project.
To make the photos he built a special flash that lights the vinyl exactly how he wants it. He shoots everything with a Hasselblad camera with a Phase One digital back and then makes enormous prints that are sometimes up to six feet big (which makes for a completely different experience than viewing them here on the web).
He’s given himself fairly strict rules to work by when is comes to his record and turntable choices. Nowadays he only uses first or second edition records that were printed in the country where the band is from. If it’s a Rolling Stones album it has to be from the United Kingdom. If it’s Miles Davis, it has to be from the United States. He then tries to photograph the records on a turntable that is from a similar era as the first edition of the record because he wants to recreate the original look.”

Visit these sites to see more:

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