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Interview with Andrew Puusa aka DJ Andrew Allsgood on his Musical Influences and Favourite DJ Gear

Andrew, chillin’ at home in beautiful British Columbia Interview with Andrew Allsgood by Mike Simpson Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell people about your taste in music and DJ experience? I’m Andrew Allsgood! I’ve been DJing since 1996 and

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Interview with Scott Clyke (aka DJ Scott C / The Goods) on his own History of Turntables and the Importance of the Technics 1200s

Scott C is a DJ, Producer, and Music Consultant from Montreal. I’ve known him since high school and always respected his cultural and technical knowledge and skills. He’s gained some renown as a DJ and remixer, and I decided to enlist

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Kai Schaefer – Photographs of Classic Records and Turntables

Pink Floyd »The Dark Side Of The Moon« on Dual. Tim M. – Bullerei, Hamburg   Around 2008, Kai Schaefer began this powerful and personal photography project to pair classic albums and turntables. Based on “The 500 Greatest Albums of All

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